Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tech Talk for Book Bloggers!

I didn't see a meme for this yet, so I decided to test this out and see how people respond. If you'd like to participate at all, please feel free to leave me a link in the comments and I'll go and visit your post!

I hope for Tech Talk to be a way for book bloggers to talk about the technology out there that helps us feed our habit, whenever and wherever!

This week I am featuring the Light Wedge Book Light!

Yes my friends, this is a Light Wedge and recently I was lucky enough to come into contact with not one, but TWO of these lovely technological marvels!

I have both the Original Light Wedge, which fits in most regular sized books, and the Paperback Light Wedge, which fits in...well paperbacks!

When they first arrived, I was like a little kid! I threw open the packaging, put in the batteries and hid under the blankets to test them out. Pretty amazing! Then later that evening after my boyfriend had gone to bed, I put them to the real test in a pitch black bedroom. Still pretty awesome.

Original Light Wedge
Paperback Light Wedge

* Only lights up the page you are on, so you don't have a lot of glare coming back at you.
* Uses LED lights, which are bright enough to read but not blinding.
* Fits nicely inside the books when you aren't using it, and comes with a removable page clip so it won't slip out.
* LED lights are bright enough to read, but not so bright that they would wake up a roommate.
* 40+ hours of light come from only 4 AAA batteries.

* Original Light Wedge is a bit heavy, so if you read on your back you might get tired after a while.
* Since it only lights up one page, you are constantly moving the light back and forth in your book.
* Position of the LED lights on the smaller models create a wave pattern sometimes on the page, which can be distracting.
* Easily scratched on the surface, acrylic surface needs to be handled gently.

Overall opinion: If you are an avid reader who travels a lot, or who reads at night, this is a great investment! I have tried many book lights and this is the only one so far that I've truly liked.


  1. Really great review!! I never heard of them till now so thanks!! I stopped by from books at midnights Saturday network!!! Great blog, will follow!!

  2. I love this meme! I need a light for when I read at night, so I might be getting one of these. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's how I found yours. :)



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