Friday, January 22, 2010

Rating System

Our book rating system is a little different than most. We've come to terms with the fact that all our 5 star rated books won't always have the same reasoning behind them. That happens when you're eclectic readers.

Please understand that the reviewers here always recommend books, even if they did not personally enjoy them. Our opinions are not the only ones out there! If something catches your eye, we suggest you pursue it!


5 Keys to My Heart - This book was pure perfection. It may have been the depth of the characters, the sweeping world building, or the brilliant story line, but something about this book stole our hearts. These are books that will become old friends, and be re-read many times. Please understand that a five star rating means that these books are highly recommended!


4 Keys to My Heart - Books rated at this level are ones that captured our attention, but were probably missing that certain spark that sets them apart from other books out there in the same genre. We will always explain what was missing, and how it pertains to our reading styles. These stories may not have hit that top mark, but are still definitely recommended!


3 Keys to My Heart - Books rated at this level are stories that we are on the fence about. The writing may have been top notch, but the characters needed more depth. Or the characters very strong, but the world building lacking. Again, we will always let you know the specifics on what was missing for us. A three star rating is still a strong rating for these readers, and we recommend that you give these books a shot!


2 Keys to My Heart -Books rated at this level are ones that we had a hard time getting through. A book rated at two stars means that we did indeed finish it, but it probably wasn't our cup of tea.


1 Key to My Heart - It is very unlikely you will ever see books rated at this level, because this means we were completely unable to finish a book. Only DNF ("did not finish") books receive a one star rating.

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