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Jessica - CLOSED
(will open again soon)

Thank you for your interest.

If this is marked as closed, please don't send any requests until it is open again. We won't have time to read through them. Thank you.


About Us:

You can always find some candid information about us on our Meet The Bloggers page, but here's some more information about our reading tastes! Please note that this is an Indie Friendly Site! We appreciate and support all stories, no matter where they're published.

My name is Jessica and, as the blog title states, I'm a hopelessly devoted bibliophile. I live a life surrounded with great stories, and I love every minute of it. My favorite genres include Contemporary, Fantasy and Mystery. I'll happily read things across all age groups as well! Yes, I do accept Children's Fiction and Middle Grade Fiction. In fact, if you were to ask, I'd tell you that most of the stories I fall utterly in love with come from these age groups. I'm a big kid at heart.

I don't accept Non-Fiction books. I will, however, accept Erotica. Just please know that it will be reviewed on my BookLikes blog instead of here. We have a wide age range of readers here, and I want to accommodate all of them. I cross post all reviews to BookLikes, Goodreads, Amazon and Leafmarks!

Please note that, since I share this blog with my co-blogger, not all reviews will be posted here. Some may be posted on my BookLikes blog instead. Rest assured that I have over 2,000 followers over there as well, and I'll still cross promote the post!

I will consider review requests for:
* Books geared towards all age levels. (Children's Fiction - Adult Fiction)
* All genres. (With the exception of Non-Fiction, and the terms of Erotica reviews mentioned above.)
* Graphic Novels and/or Manga
* Novellas or Short Stories.
* Compilation Volumes

Formats Accepted for Review:
* ARCs 
* Finished Copies
* eBooks (Kindle format)
* Audio Books (Audible preferred)

My name is Tina and I'm also a hopelessly devoted bibliophile. My favorite genres include Mystery, YA Dystopian, Romance and Thrillers. I'll happily read things across almost all genres, though I prefer books geared towards young adults and older. Comic books/graphic novels aren't my favorite but I'd be willing to read one if it sparks my interest.

There are very few things that I won't accept for review, however I don't accept Non-Fiction. I will review erotica but only over on my booklikes page. I cross post all reviews to BookLikes, Goodreads, and Amazon!

I will consider review requests for:
* Books geared towards young adults and older. (Young Adult - Adult Fiction)
* All genres. (With the exception of Non-Fiction)
* Novellas or Short Stories.
* Comic books/graphic novels

Formats Accepted for Review:
* ARCs 
* Finished Copies
* eBooks (Kindle format)

Contacting Us:

If you believe that one of us is a good fit to review your book, please let us know! You can email either of us by looking in the left sidebar for the envelope icon under our corresponding names, as well as by clicking the "Open" link when we are accepting reviews. We ask that you please include an easily accessible synopsis to read over, as well as some information about your timeline for reviews. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Review Deadlines:

When sending a review request, please provide an idea of the time frame you're looking for reviews within. We'll do our best to accommodate you! Our calendar is filled on a selective basis. We will do our best to respond to all emails, but sending a request doesn't guarantee a review. If our review calendar fills up, we will still be happy to host your for a promotional spot! Interviews, Guest Posts and Giveaways are always welcome!

Interviews, Guest Posts, Blog Tours and Giveaways:

For Interviews, please email with the subject "Interview Request" and give a rough timeline of when you'd like the post to go up. Once we have an agreed upon date, we'll send you a list of 5-6 interview questions. You can also provide stock Q&A questions if you wish.

For Guest Posts, please email with the subject "Guest Post Request". We'll check the calendar and hammer out a definite date that works for you. Guest Post topics are open to whatever you'd like to write! All we ask is that they are somewhere between 300-500 words.

For Blog Tours, feel free to inquire even if the status above states we're closed! We push these as priority, in order to support authors that we enjoy reading.

For Giveaways, please send the terms and run length for the giveaway in your initial email. Where are you willing to mail the prize? How long would you like it to run? Are there any specific items you'd like entrants to complete as a means of entering? The more information we receive initially, the easier it is for us to fit it into our calendar.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us! We look forward to working with you!


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